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We welcome all cyclists, young and old, fit and unfit, road and MTB – as long as you have a passion for cycling!

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Bionic Cycling Club

Bionic Cycling is a road cycling club made up of a passionate group of enthusiasts in and around Johannesburg. We ride the road, on all kinds of bikes, in all kinds of weather.

We are passionate about supporting infrastructure for cycling enthusiasts at all levels of the sport, both competitively and recreationally. We arrange and participate in cycle tours, fun rides, races, outings and fundraising activities for the benefit of nominated charities and the promotion of cycling.

We advocate for safe cycling, and where appropriate, affiliate with other cycling and sporting organisations and bodies, particularly at a provincial and national level, who have similar or complimentary interests and objectives.

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We welcome all cyclists, whatever your age, level, and background.

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Get to know the best routes around Johannesburg, that are frequently ridden and safe.


Joining a club makes you accountable, and accountability is a driving factor to keep you motivated!


Safety is our number one priority for our members, whether riding recreationally or competitively.

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