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Bionic Cycling is a road cycling club made up of a passionate group of enthusiasts in and around Johannesburg.

We are passionate about supporting infrastructure for cycling enthusiasts at all levels of the sport, both competitively and recreationally.

It is our mission to encourage, nurture and promote the sport of cycling in all its forms. We aim to:


    Encourage all ages, levels of expertise and backgrounds to join us


    Provide companionship & a positive social atmosphere for our members


    Provide a varied ride programme, both recreationally and competitively


    Encourage family involvement

    New Member Fees

    R 1350.00 – with an imported cycling shirt

    Renewal Fees

    R 300.00 – for children under 18 (excludes kit)
    R 375.00 – for pensioners (excludes kit)
    R 350.00 – for out of town/country members (excl. kit)
    R 495.00 – for spouse of principal member (excludes kit)
    R 725.00 – for principle member (excludes kit)